Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wow, so it's been 2 months since I last posted. My how time flies! Kaydence is changing so much and growing so fast. These are some of the things she is doing: 
Rolls over from tummy to back, she hasn't nailed down back to front yet but she's working on it! 
Scooching fowards and backwards and around circles. It's funny because she gets SO MAD because she wants to be somewhere but it takes SO long and is SO hard to do!
She sits pretty well on her own, someone needs to be there to catch her when she gets tired though! 
I tried giving her some rice cereal a couple weeks ago and she loved eating it, but afterwards her tummy was bothering her so we decided to lay off for awhile. 2 Days ago we tried it again and everything went great! No tummy aches, she was just a little grumpy because she is teething.
And yesterday her first tooth cut through!! It's just tiny still so I haven't been able to get any pictures yet, but soon!
Today I decided it is a good time to start using sign language so we'll see how that goes, it's supposed to take a few weeks before they catch on so we'll see!

And now for the really exciting news, on wednesday we found that Kaydence is going to be big sister!! they are only going to be about 13 months apart so hopefully they will be best friends! It's a little overwhelming when i think about it, 2 kids under 2... but I'm sure it will be fun
The computer's being uber slow so I'm going to have to post pictures later...

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  1. Just wondering how things are going.... is there a due date yet?